Sayonara Summer

Time to start knitting again. If you have some acrylic yarn that isn’t worthy of much else…here are some ideas.

mailbox art

Yarn and Simon Mama Loves Knitting

We’ve spent the entire summer wrapping yarn around sticks making swords, staffs, decorative pieces, and each color has a “power.” My favorite is pink – that is “sexy power,” according to my 5 year old. Just to clarify “sexy power” gives you a skirt (whether you want one or not). Yellow is blinding, red is fire (of course), green is life, black, I think we all know, is death, and I might have to check in with Gus in the morning to be reminded of the rest of the powers.


If you tie yarn around your head (or ankles or stomach) – color dependent – you get special powers. Be mindful of your color choices!

I made only one hat this summer…and I’ve started on my second. Time to start hanging out in the basement after dark and knitting my life away. Of course this is just another of my infamous ribbed hats. I cast on 84 stitches and knit 2 purl 2 until the end. It’ll fit forever. This is supposed to be for a baby – and it fits Gus (my sizing model). It will fit the masses.

fall knits mama loves knitting

If you follow peeps on Instagram you can find some occasional knitting pics @evosshickey.

Life is grand – summer was fabulous. I’ll be knitting hats in San Diego – on our vacation in September. I was thinking I would attempt a hat a day on vacation – that is a stretch. I will be on the beach, in the sand, maybe I’ll finish one hat while I’m basking in the California sun and hitting Legoland with my all time favorite boys!

summer time mama loves knitting

Hope your summer was as magical as ours.

Yarn Tagging

Yarn Tagging Mama Loves Knitting

As promised, forever ago, here are some more photos from our yarn bombing event. The holidays came and went, my little toy store went through a remodel phase and now it is May. May seems to be the perfect time to share some snowy photos.

Higgins Yarn Bomb Mama Loves Knitting

It is pretty pleasing to see the burst of color amidst the dreary, drab wintery Missoula skyline and downtown.

The Cause for the Yarn Bomb

The cause for the yarn bombing was this organization.

Yarn Bombing Higgins Mama Loves Knitting Yarn Bombing Higgins Mama Loves Knitting More

Yarn Bombing Higgins Mama Loves Knitting Stitching Yarn Bombing Higgins Mama Loves Knitting Hand Model

In case you are wondering my hand model is my good friend Niki. A tiny flaw…we stitched these bits of cozy warm blankets together using a needle and thread and in the future when we do yarn bombing again we’ll need to stitch these beauties on with yarn. The thread didn’t hold up on the windy bridge quite as well as it could if burly yarn were used in place of the thin thread.

Yarn Bombing Higgins Mama Loves Knitting 3 Yarn Bombing Higgins Mama Loves Knitting Niki

There she is! Niki joined me spur of the moment to tag the posts on our Higgins Street Bridge.

Yarn Bombing Higgins Mama Loves Knitting Stitch Yarn Bombing Higgins Mama Loves Knitting My Fave Yarn Bombing Higgins Mama Loves Knitting

Tag Something Mama Loves Knitting

Tag something, with yarn of course!

Yarn Bombing in Missoula

This morning our local paper featured a yarn bombing project that I was fortunate enough to partake in yesterday. If you’d like to see the article to hear more about Keep Missoula Warm you can check it here.

Yarn Bombing in Missoula

This fascination I have with tagging something in town was finally met but not on the secretive level that I’d hoped for…so that is my next goal. I have the perfect piece to share – now I just need an occasion. It will come to me soon enough I’m sure. I took a handful of photos of the handiwork yesterday so I’ll post those as soon as I weed through my pictures. I barely squeezed this post out before I turned into a pumpkin. Nighty Night.


Yarn Graffiti Documentary

I just came across this gem a week or so ago. I think they need our help – there aren’t many days left and they are not very near that goal they’ve set.

I’d still really love to find some time to “knitta” something about town. Can I use that as a verb? I’m now leaning toward my mailbox, just for starters. I’ll see where the summer takes me. I plan no (at least little) work and all play, but I have a 4 and 6 year old that probably don’t think knitting is much fun to play.

yarn bomb bus

This seriously might be my new favorite image ever – I wish I could see it in person. The image is courtesy of this rad blog with a ton of other fun images (ideas) so check it out if you need some yarn bombing motivators.

If you are wanting to donate money to an amazing independent film visit the Yarn Graffiti Documentary donation page. Every little bit helps!