Socks – and then some…

I have yet to complete a pair of even one sock...but I am going to finish my sweater - hopefully before the weekend is over.

I wanted to share this blog that is full of fun patterns and mad skill. Today the focus happens to be sock construction...and I will be revisiting this after my sweater is complete.

Just so you have a fun photo to view this is another holiday gift that I knit up for Simon's 2nd grade teacher - Mrs. Rothwell - whom he loves dearly. And I love this boy little potato.

Simon's Scarf Gift

I knit this from some local yarn - made in Corvallis - Mountain Colors is the brand and boy is it colorful. It was a fun project - I knit most of this scarf in the hospital (doula-ing) while the little nugget below was being born.


His mama was my yarn bomb buddy.

Here is a pretty cake of Mountain Colors yarn - which I will most definitely be using again.

Mountain Colors Mama Loves Knitting Mama Loves Knitting

Happy Knits.