Uke it Up! Catching Up!

Pretty excited to knock this out for Father's Day for my very own Ukulele Guy. And, maybe I can even surprise him with a little ditty. You see he got me a uke a while back and I haven't taken the time to learn to play it, or maybe I haven't taken the time to have him teach me. I am the proud owner of the exact same ukulele pictured on Knitty's Pattern though. I'm going to click on some of those links and learn those chords tonight. And then pull some yarn out of my stash and knit this up, and attempt to felt the first thing I've ever felted. I'm not anticipating it to look anything like the beautiful examples pictured with the pattern, but I'll do my darnedest.

I've been away from this sweet blog for awhile, not on purpose, but vacation(s), kids, life, etc have pulled me away. I've been knitting though...that is one thing I've stuck to. I'm still plugging away working on my sweater, it now has one complete sleeve. The sleeve ended up being, not quite as perfect as I would have hoped for, luckily I still have another attempt with sleeve two. Then I will only have a hood to do, which sounds daunting, but I WILL GET THAT DAMN THING DONE! And I will save the photos until the end, mostly for your sake.

I'm also working on a baby blanket for someone special.

On the Plane

This is a tiny taste of it right up next to a pretty kickin' Mad Lib my 6 year old created for our airplane entertainment enroute to Mexico. If you aren't into the anatomy and bodily functions a 6 year old finds hilarious - maybe this Mad Lib isn't for you.

And, I'm working on a hat for a special little birthday girl in my life, shhh don't tell her.  I think I'll use it to top a jar of pickles, her favorite food (at least at my house). Those are the next special things coming down the pipe.


Happy Almost Summer!

Knit a Tit Bit

If you happen to find yourself with some yarn to spare, and you are looking for a way to craft for someone in need....of course you can always knit up a hat to donate to your local homeless shelter. You can knit caps for your local hospital, it certainly isn't hard to find someone in need of warmth in the midst of an arctic winter.

Maybe you are like me and find it really hard to make enough hats for the people in your life as it is, but you love making things for people in need, and donating your time and energy (whatever you might have to spare). It feels good to make other people happy, make them feel good or make their lives just a little bit easier.

Here is an idea my lovely friend shared on her blog that I'd like to share with all of you. Why not knit a breast prosthesis for a breast cancer survivor in need? It is sadly/nearly impossible these days to live in a community/family and not know someone that has breast cancer, has a family member with breast cancer, has lost someone to breast cancer or is a breast cancer survivor. In my life alone I could share many stories. My Grandma is a breast cancer survivor, my aunt was just diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer and a sweet friend just lost her Mom to breast cancer a little over a year ago, and the list goes on.

From what I've read it isn't easy to track down a good post mastectomy bra, and those breast prosthesis are heavy, floppy and horrid. I mean what do I know, maybe they are amazing for some women?, but wouldn't it be nice to have some soft cotton yarn to fill your bra instead? Some bamboo, or hemp, or chenille, something that feels good and soft against your skin surely would be much more appealing. So I am going to knit some tit bits - at least one. And, I would love to donate more than one or two knit tit bits with the help of you!

You can find the pattern on Knitty's blog if you'd like join the cause.  The project looks simple enough and February is cold, foggy, and dreary so motivation to knit should be rockin' yer wool socks off.

I'm going to be collecting knit breasts to donate at the beginning of March. If you are interested in sharing your yarn, your time, & your skills please leave a comment and/or contact me. If you live in Missoula you can just drop your finished products off at Walking Stick Toys - 829 S Higgins. Let's try and get these boobs made by March 1st friends.