Another Gem!

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I came across this little gem today, whilst walking about our local Best Buy, in search of a web cam, of all things. Kirby’s Epic Yarn jumped right out at me! So seriously, you cannot tell me if you are a Mama – that likes knitting – that likes yarn – that likes video games – that this will not be on your wish list this holiday season. Fer reals! I just couldn’t resist a quick little post about it. It made me smile this morning and went directly onto my wish list when I got home. Plus it is a two-player cooperative game. I don’t actually have time to play video games, but the week after Christmas I do. We pretty much lock ourselves in our house for a week, close our toy store, and play with our new treasures.

Happy Knitting and Happy Gaming!

Hats Received

Just wanted to post a couple of cell phone photos from the newlyweds – they got their hats.

Mitch Hat Megan Hat

Nighty Night! Happy Knitting!

Fall in the Air


So I’m a knitting MACHINE right now. I love it, I’m not doing anything super exciting. Still working on my sweater! My husband asked me last night as I grabbed a new skein of yarn to ‘cake up’ “What about my pretty sweater?” He was partially being a punk and probably partially wondering when I would be finishing that beast up, it’ll be awhile.

Sweater Progress

It still looks like a tiny knit curtain. But it is a really really pretty tiny knit curtain.

I finished up the wedding beanies. I shall send the Wisconsin Badger inspired ribbed hat to Mitchell and the light green and turquoise one to Megan in a little newlywed care package in the morning.

Wisconsin Hat Newlyweds

It is birthday season around here! I sent a hat to my sweet Aunt Karen who just turned 60, which you’d never guess, and she sent me this. Her sweet thank you totally made the hat knit with love worth it! I definitely sent it to the right person.

Thank you

I love this wool yarn rainbow – who doesn’t love yarn? and rainbows? Of course since I love that ribbed pattern it is what I do, it is good to do what you love, plus when I’m attempting to knock out a ton of projects I glue myself to simplicity.

Rainbow Hat

The birthday train is still in full force. My mom’s birthday present is under construction right now. I’ve decided to pull out my giant size 15 needles and do a simple garter stitch (co 15) and whip up a quick scarf with some extra chunky wool blend I had stashed away in the yarn cubby.

Garter Scarf Mom's scarf

And finally I recently sent my best friend Nicole a hat that I knit using some yarn I got from Purl Soho, another one I wanted to keep, but of course I have yet to own one of my own hats. This particular hat I cast on 68 stitches and k2 p2 the entire way to the decrease at the top. I used size 10.5 circular needles. Another snug delicious head warmer.

Knit Decrease


There is that pretty face I miss so much.

Happy Fall Knitting!

Fall and Knitting Links

Canning Cukes Tomolives

Just canning and knitting happening around our house the past few days. And, that about sums up my start to fall. Two of my favorite pass-times all snuggled up in my house, with two kids it is no easy feat to pickle and can. The funny thing is, it is 80 degrees outside by the time afternoon rolls around. Oh well, it is still time to start preparing for winter, I feel it.

I’m a pretty big fan of rainbows, I saw this today and it looked fun enough to share. I’m slowly collecting needles right now to fill my circular needle holder, that I love oh so much, but I debated taking this route. I just didn’t know if there would be some sizes I’d never use, turns out I need to go get some size 2 circular needles and some size 3 circular needles for another pattern I’m going to attempt in the next month (those are definitely sizes I never thought I’d need). But, before I start something new I’ve got a billion hats I need to crank out for birthdays (September and October are crazy birthday months for this Mama).

Hat Madness

And, my good friend Julie shared this link with me this morning. Oh regretsy, so hilarious. Seriously who doesn’t want M. Night Shyamalan creepy knit attire, er M. Knit Shyamalan rather. Christmas Presents!

Happy Cozy Knitting Weekend!